UVILIZER Tower – UV Light Sanitizer & Ultraviolet Lamp w/Remote Control (Portable UV-C Cleaner for Home, Baby Room, Office | 38W UVC Disinfection Bulb | Kill Germs, Bacteria, Virus | USA)

Amazon.com Price: £99.95 (as of 18/06/2024 00:05 PST- Details)

EFFECTIVE 99.99% STERILIZATION — Featuring UVC technology and a powerful 38W ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the UVILIZER Tower is the best way to sanitize in seconds and protect yourself, your family and your stuff from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.
SANITIZE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE — With a wide disinfection coverage area of up to 200 square feet, the UVILIZER Tower is perfect for sterilizing every corner and surface in your home, bathroom, office, hotel, school or any other room.
SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY DISINFECTION — The UVILIZER Tower keeps your world sanitary without using any chemicals, toxins, odors or added pollution, or having to restock cleaning supplies, which helps you save time, money and the environment everyday.