Review: Anker Power Bank

anker power bank review

Help When You Need It

Let me start by saying, this Anker Power Bank was my faithful companion during my local escapades, and it turned out to be the best decision I made. It’s like that friend who never leaves your side, offering a helping hand whenever you need it.

My main sidekick during these journeys was my Insta 360×3 Camera. It’s a fantastic gadget, but its battery life is just over an hour, which doesn’t go far when you’re capturing your surroundings. I used it as a dashcam while driving and a chest-mounted cam during my walks, so it was essentially running all the time. Why, you ask? Because my Anker Power Bank had its back, ensuring that the camera stayed powered and ready for action.

And that’s not all – I had a whopping four 256GB memory cards, and each of them could hold over six hours of footage. With this power bank in tow, I had a whopping 24 hours of filming potential every day. Plus, when my phone begged for some juice, I just threw it in the mix with the camera, and boom, both got recharged together like a dynamic duo.

Powerful And Portable

Did I mention how portable this thing is? I’d slip it into my pocket as I roamed around, filming for hours on end. Sure, some folks say it’s heavy, but I often forgot it was there as I captured endless memories.

I also had three 4TB external storage units, and it didn’t take long for them to fill up with content. All thanks to this power bank that kept my devices charged and my adventures rolling.

In summary, this Anker Power Bank is a true explorer’s dream. It’s compact, dependable, and ready to power up your devices whenever and wherever you go. Whether you’re on a local adventure or simply need a reliable power source, this little powerhouse deserves a spot in your gear.

Star Rating

If your phone or camera are always running out of power on your trips, then this is the perfect companion!

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