Review: Vax SpotWash Home Duo cleaner

Great For Pet Hair!

Meet the Vax SpotWash Home Duo cleaner! Rumoured to be the superhero cape for all cleanliness enthusiasts, this little dynamo is set to transform messes from your car, carpets, and even hard floors. Boasting an arsenal of cleaning gadgets, including germ-fighting tools, it whispers promises of peaceful, zen-like cleanliness across your domain.

Who’s the Vax SpotWash Home Duo Cleaner’s For?

This cleaner has “busy families” written all over it. Picture this: it’s snug in your closet, ready to swoop in for those unexpected juice splashes on the kitchen tiles or the mysteriously “muddy” stairs. Its portability is its charm, making it the best buddy for your car’s messy moments too.

Though it dreams big and claims to be a jack-of-all-trades, the tank suggests it’s more of a spot-on saviour for little messes and spills. Don’t expect it to handle an entire carpet shampooing session, but it’s brilliant at the “Oops, I spilled it again!” moments. And pet owners, rejoice! This device is like a magnet for those sneaky pet hairs.

Ever wondered just how much dirt was lurking in that spot? Thanks to its transparent two-tank design, the grimy revelations will either thrill or terrify you. It’s like a mini-reality show, showcasing every strand of hair and speck of dirt the machine captures. But, be prepared for the occasional water refill pitstop, especially if you’re on a cleaning spree.

Is the Vax SpotWash Home Duo Cleaner the Real Deal?

Absolutely! The Vax SpotWash Home Duo Cleaner isn’t just a pretty face. With its dual tank system, it’s a dirt detective, expertly sniffing out and cleaning up the messy culprits in your space. The cleaning process is so meticulous; you’d think the machine went to a cleaning academy. And given the gadgets you get, plus the bonus cleaning solution, its price tag is pretty sweet.

However, it’s a bit like a puppy: full of energy, but not built for marathon runs. If you’ve got a big cleaning project, you might want its bigger, burly sibling – the Vax Dual Power Carpet Cleaner. But for those small, “Why is this sticky?!” moments, or if your living space is cosier, this little dynamo is perfect for your cleaning adventures.

In a nutshell, if your home is a magnet for mini-messes, the Vax SpotWash Home Duo Cleaner might just be your trusty sidekick in the epic saga of spills and stains.

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Spills on the carpet? Not a problem for this small but mighty spot cleaner!

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