Our Top Rug Cleaning Videos From July

carpet cleaning videos for July

It’s been a busy month for Mountain Rug Cleaning and we’ve cleaned LOADS of rugs over the last few weeks. Below are our top 3 rug cleaning videos for July. We hope you enjoy!

Speed Cleaning Success: Time-Lapse Reveals the Remarkable Restoration of a Round Rug

This rug may be smaller than the usual ones we clean but it held onto an enormous amount of dirt! This is a quick timelapse of the entire clean. The difference at the end is quite amazing!

Dirt, Grime, and a Stunning Surprise: Witness the Vibrant Resurrection of a Filthy Rug

In this video, we confront the dirt and grime that have plagued a neglected rug for far too long. Witness the meticulous cleaning process that breathes new life into the rug, as layers of filth are lifted to unveil an unexpected surprise.

Not Sure Whether To Clean It Or Mow It ! But Can It Be Cleaned ?

In this captivating video, we unveil the remarkable transformation of a rug that had grass growing through its fibers. Abandoned in a garden, the rug became a canvas for nature’s artistry, with grass weaving its way through the fabric.

Thanks for watching! More amazing rug cleaning videos in next months newsletter!

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