Our Top Rug Cleaning Videos From October

Our top rug cleaning videos for august

As autumn rolls in, Mountain Rug Cleaning are rolling out some of the most disgusting rug we’ve ever seen. But with some hard work (and a lot of scrubbing) we will try and save them all!

From Trash to Treasure: The Ultimate Cleaning of a Salvaged Rug.

This pink rug certainly didn’t start off that colour. Amazing restoration from the Mountain Rug Cleaning team!


The Most Mud-Soaked Rug you’ve Ever Seen!

We take on the ultimate cleaning challenge to rescue this rug from the muck and restore it to its former glory.

Stains from Hell: Battling the Monstrous Mess on a Kids’ Rug

Prepare for a cleaning adventure like no other as we confront the nightmarish stains and grotesque mess on a children’s rug.

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